Best riddles for kids

Welcome to the yaalia website. It seems that you are interested in puzzles. Our goal is to make you enjoy for as long as possible. Below you will find a group of new and varied puzzles especially for you. To make it more enjoyable, you will scroll between the pages to find out more.

1.Touch the Earth

I touch the Earth, I touch the Sky. But if I touch you once,you’ll surely die. What am I?





In order to make the matter more interesting, we will add other puzzles and hide the answer, but do not be afraid, you will find it by clicking the next button. Just take your time to think and do not forget that few people were able to answer the last puzzle in the group. You will find their evaluation of their wonderful experience with us.

2.The last thing riddle

What is the last thing you take off before bed?

‘The answer in the next page”